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Freek the Artist

What is Didgi Widgi?
It's the online gallery of Sam Freek (me) the female artist and photographer and I chose the name didgi widgi as didgi is short for digital (camera) and widgi just rhymes with it. Although after naming it didgi widgi I also found out it is also slang for "small willy".

Influences & Mediums
As far back as I can remember I have had an affinity with old industiral buildings and I tend to look for beauty in and around these places. The majority of my work up till now has been about capturing the abstract beauty from these neglected decaying urban areas. At present I m
ainly work in photography but I'm starting to move into paint, prints, sculpture and even video, so come back and watch me grow, I'm so excited!

Daft as a Brush
I don't tend to take myself too seriously and like to think outside the box, bounce ideas off the wall, find an alternative way of thinking, anyway other than normal as this makes life seem scripted, restricting and boring. This is part of who I am and I like it.

Solo Shows
None yet but would love to have a solo show in a disused tube station or somebody's house on a council estate, anywhere in fact, I'll make use of any space. Wonder if I could be the first artist to have her work shown on Mars? (note to self,contact NASA)

I would love to win an Oscar and have a pump that squirts water from the corner of my eyes as I make the speech. Sometimes I pretend to have won the women's tennis championship at Wimbledon and hold up a large plate in the kitchen above my head.

Creative Juices
The creative juices flow and I live in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, U.K, (think of small town surrounded by fields, sheep, cows oh and few cities that were once part of the industrial revolution).

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