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Contemporary Canvas Art & Photography by Sam Freek

Ay up! (a Yorkshire greeting, as that's where I'm from). You have now landed on the home page of my web site (I'm Sam Freek the artist/photographer).

Didgi Widgi is the name of my online wall art, painting and photography gallery and it is here where I showcase my limited edition art work. Words get in the way for me as I am not a wordsmith and tend to think in images and colours which coincide with my feelings, these are what I sell, so I suppose you are buying a part of me too.

Most of the time I have ideas flying around my head that need to be turned into art, if they don't get turned into art they just fester and pester my brain until I get time to create them. So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet but there is a lot of ideas to get through and the pile of ideas is growing bigger and bigger everyday. I hope you enjoy looking though my art.

P.S If you want to ask me anything about my art please feel free to contact me over the phone, email, Facebook on my usual online stomping ground, Twitter.

P.P.S There's a bit of space left to fill on this page so I'll fill it with this sentence.

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new canvas wall art prints new canvas wall art prints new canvas wall art prints
new canvas wall art prints new canvas wall art prints new canvas wall art prints
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